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Who we are

Legazpi 6 Basque Language School. This name, which attracts many people's attention, is our centre and, at the same time, sums up who we are perfectly. Our Basque language school is the result of a long journey, a project which has won its own place and which is still true to its original spirit.

The start of the journey, at the end of the 80's, was not so much the beginning as the continuation of the work we had started at number 6 Legazpi Street in Donostia. The name had to be a reference for the people who already knew us for our enthusiasm, commitment and desire to innovate.

So our first address and visiting card is now the name which speaks for us: Legazpi 6 Basque Language School People who already know us know that they can find us in Donostia, in Maestro Guridi Street, in the Antigua part of town, and at number 1 Kanpandegi Street in the old part of town.

So what are we? A centre recognised, regulated and subsidised by the Basque Government which seeks to innovate and renovate, making all the possible means available to our pupils to help them in their learning.

We are not the largest centre and we have never wanted to be, but if you are looking for personalised help, directed by a group of professionals who understand your curiosity, sensibility and particular needs, we are here to lend a hand.

LEGAZPI 6 BASQUE LANGUAGE SCHOOL is recognised by HABE (which is an organism within the Basque Government's Culture Department).
BATUZ The officially recognised Basque Language School Federation.
  • In-person courses
  • Online courses
  • Complementary or complete self-teaching
  • Superior courses up to EGA or HE2
  • Preparation for the 4th Profile
  • Courses for specific groups (hotel and restaurant workers, shop workers, parents...)
  • Preparation for exams
  • Courses and tutorials in companies and places of work


Being a Basque language school, Legazpi6’s main objective is to teach Basque. But that is not the end of it.

At the end of the day, to know the language it is indispensable to increase its use, and that is our goal: to increase the use of Basque in our area.

We work to make more and more of us want to increase the daily use of Basque: for the Basque language’s sake, and using it too, we work in the school and outside it too, using all the resources we can.


ANTIGUA: Guridi Maisua z/g 20008 Donostia | ALDE ZAHARRA: Kanpandegi 1 20003 Donostia | Tel. 943 219 907 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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