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Here is the new year, and, after vacations, it is time to come back for work. In Legazpi 6 Euskaltegia classes will begin in January 7. Moreover, if you are thinking on exams, you have already something to do.

The calendar of the first announcement of 2014 for the EGA exam has already been published. According to that, the initial test will take place on February 22; the written test, on March 8; and the oral test, by the end of May.

The deadline for registration to the examination will be open from 7 to January 20, both included. The registration must be via internet, and when problems arise, you can ask in the Zuzenean service.

Go for work!

Christmas has arrived! This is the last week in the euskaltegi, where classes are concerned. On 20 December it will be the last day, and we will take Christmas holidays.

We will return to classes on January 7. Therefore, we wish you happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

Enjoy on holidays, and we will see you next year!

The Basque Department of the city of San Sebastian has published the new guide of culture and entertainment Basque product, because Christmas are falling. Surely you have already begun to buy gifts, or at least, to think about what to give. In this guide you will find what you need.

In total, about 500 products have collected in the guide: magazines, comics, DVDs, games, CD-ROMs, music, books, dictionaries, material to learn Basque... In addition, the products are classified according to the age of consumption, and the characteristics of each product are also given.

In this way, it is very easy to guess the gift. You can get this guide on the euskaltegi. On the other hand, you can find it at the address This Christmas, give Basque as a gift!

The International Day of Basque language is near; December 3. Several events have been organized around this day,  and although the entire schedule will be published on 26 November, already we know about some of them.

All those events will take place in several neighborhoods of San Sebastian between November 23 and December 5. In total, it's about 100 events organized by about 50 groups and associations from the city. One of this events, for example, will take place tomorrow in Loiola: "1813-2013 Harresiaren kanpoaldetik".

Anyway, the most special day will be, undoubtedly, the International Day of the Basque language. On the one hand, there will be a Mintzodromo in the Museum San Telmo. On the other hand, the event "Lizasoain gogoan / Lizasoain Memorial" will take place on the 31 August Street. In addition, there will be guided tours about the history of Basque language of the last 200 years. Finally, a very special show will take place around noon at the Antzoki Zaharra.

All this events has been organized to promote the use of euskera in Donostia. To this end it has launched another project: the website In it, specifically in the section of "Hitzen mapa / Map of words", it is collecting information about events related to the Basque language and Donostia, and for this purpose, the participation of the people is important. On the other hand, the section "Zure hitzetan" want to be a space to encourage people to take a step forward in favour of the Basque language. All you have to do is to propos concrete and achievable actions to that end. Cheer up and get your proposal!

Because of the bicentennial of the burning and destruction of San Sebastian several events has been organized, and in addition, lots of information and stories has been collected. The Basque Department of the city of San Sebastian and the Organization of Basque writers have collected the presence, importance and development that Basque has had in San Sebastian during the past 200 years in the bookSu haietatik hitz hauek” and the web

Aritz Gorrotxategi has been the director of the book, and he had collected writtings about Donostia and Basque language:writings of famous visitors about the Basque, the comments of the writers from Donostia, the presence and importance of improvisation and Basque Theatre in San Sebastian, Basque advertising, press, music, the creation of the ikastolas...

In this way, although the book take a look at the history, it is also a project that looks forward. And it is that we want to encourage people to participate in the various activities organized around December 3, the International day of the Basque language. This is why the window called "Hitzen mapa/Map of words" has been created in the web. In it, you could see lots of infromation about Donostia and Basque language, but for that it will be very important the participation and collaboration of the people.

On the other hand, the web, book and illustrations created for the book can be viewed in exhibition until December in the Municipal Library of Alderdi Eder and teh Campus of Gipuzkoa (Center Carlos Santamaria).

The new school year has already begun, and we want to provide our students with all they need for getting their objectives. That is why we have organized free oral expression classes each Friday for the students who are enrolled in the euskaltegi.

These classes are for students of the second and third level, and we have organized them each Friday, from 17:00 to 19:00.

If you would like to participate in these classes, just talk to your teacher or call to our office. The classes will begin this Friday.

These is a really good opportunity to prepare yourself for exams. Not let it get away!

We are going to Pasaia, by Ulia, next monday, 7th of October. That excursion has been organized by our students of the pensioner's home of Amara "Gure Egunsentia", and they will also cook for the lunch.

The meeting will be at 10:00 a.m. at the Ategorrieta's clock. Then, we will go to Pasaia by Ulia. People who prefer not have a walk can go directly to Pasaia. The lunch will be around 13:30 or 14:00 at the rowing club San Pedrotarrak.

If you want to participate, just sign up for it in the office of our euskaltegi.

The association Bagera created in Donostia-San Sebastián the project of "Mintzalagunak" ("Speakinfriends") 20 years ago, and since then, it has been expanded all over the Basque Country-Euskal Herria. Nowadays, there are 240 mintzalagun in Donostia, but more are needed.

The objective of the project is clear: to create space where speaking Basque-Euskera will be possible. Thanks to the mintzalagunak, people who study euskera find an appropiate environment to speak in euskera and improve their level. Moreover, it is a greate way to make new friends and learn from each other.

If you are interested in participate, or if you need more information, you can call to the association Bagera: 943 46 71 81. You can also visit their web.

The registration for the new Basque school year is openned during September.

We can offer you classes for any level, even online. We also offer special courses for specific kind of groups (business people, parents, retired people, administration workers...). For more information and be registered visit us in our office, or just call by phone or visit our website. You will find the kind of course and schedule that better suits you.

Not let this opportunity get away! And remember: "Basque, your best social network! / Euskara, zure sare sozialik onena!"

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