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Do you want to continue learning Basque in summer? In Legazpi6 we offer different options.

As every year, we have intensive courses, 2-5 hours per day, Monday through Friday (July, August and September) But, this year, we have something new: Legazpi 6 atelierrak. We have organized various activities for each day of the week:

Monday: Speaking
Tuesday: answer questions
Wednesday: guided tours
Thursday: reading books

Everyone has the option to create "your own package": only Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Tuesday ...

Come to the office and ask for information!

On thursday, june 11th , will be published the results of the HABE writting test. As always, you can consult it in the access of students from the HABE website.

If you have pass, these are the days for oral tests:

1.eta 2. mailak: 18, 19 and 20 of June

3. maila: 26 and 27 of June

4. maila: 27 of June

Good luck!

It is an awareness campaign launched in 13 villages; and one of them is Donostia. For a month the will be asked the Basque translations of the inscriptions and communications in Spanish of businesses and institutions.

Despite progress, Euskara has less presence than the desired in the linguistic landscape. There are, still, signs only in Spanish in stores, bars, clubs or public institutions. The campaign is designed to change this and will have 4 steps:

1. Volunteers will point communications with signs and stickers of "eta hau ez zergatik euskaraz?". Then will be shared via Twitter and Instagram (indicating location and name of the comerce) or on the website (http: //euskaraz.365egun. EUS)

2. All pictures on the website.

3. Letters will be sent from the "Euskaltzaleen Elkartea" calling for the use of Euskara in the inscriptions and communications; offering help and advice.

4. Creating a report for Hizkuntza Eskubideen Behatokia and Elebide

Visit website!

This Saturday, May 30th, will take place the "Mintza Eguna" of this year. This year will be in Bera. It will be a special edition, because it will be the 10th edition of that day.

They have organized a full program, very interesting with welcome, guided tour, lunch, dance ... See the full program here. It can be an incomparable chance to meet the Mintzalagunak of the Basque Country, and you can have a good day speaking in Basque!

Today, May 26th, is the last day to sign up for food and buses. Donostia output will be at 10:00 from the Amara Plaza Hotel. To join you must make a deposit of 28 euros; more information on the website of Bagera.

If you decide to appear in Bera on Saturday, sure you will find very good atmosphere!

This weekend will begin the oral tests of EGA.

In Gipuzkoa they have organized two turns: 22-23 May , and 29-30 May. For know your turn and classroom click here.

The organization reminded that for the oral test compression is needed: number 2 pencil, eraser and sharpener.

Zorte on!

The comprehension results will be published tomorrow morning, May 13th. For the results use the entry for students on the HABE page; and "exams: registration and results."

If you have passed, remember that the written test will be this Saturday.

The tests will be in the "Aulario Barriola" of UPV:

- 1go maila: 16: 00etan

- 2.maila: 9: 00etan

- 3.maila: 11: 30ean

- 4.maila: 9: 00etan

Zorte on!

Those who have done the registration in the first call of HABE 2015, remember that this week will be made the listening and reading tests. These tests will be in the euskaltegi.

The results will be announced on May 13 on the HABE web; and the written test will be on May 16.

Good luck!

AUZOKO project objective is to bring to Basque citizens who live far from Basque and contacting people of different languages.

The Basque language is the language of communication and cohesion in these sessions, and they work through a playful way (games, workshops ...)

There are two weekly appointments:

Thursdays in Intxaurrondo: in the local Ipar Haizea (Zarategi pasealekua 65, Behea) from 17:30 to 19:00

Fridays in the center: Bagera (Hernani kalea 15, Behea) of 18:00 to 19:30

For more information or registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 943005074 or Bagera

Animatu eta parte hartu!

Donostia 2016 and the Etxepare Institute have launched the Itzultzaile berriak project whose aim is to train literary translators at the international level to promote knowledge of Basque Basque literature in Europe.

To do this, select a total of eight translators of literature internationally to learn Basque. Four others or outside the Basque language, conduct a six-month stay in the Basque Country and four more that depart from low or middle of Basque knowledge, will stay in the Basque country for a month, to strengthen their level .

The call is not limited to only promote learning, will also promote the production of works. To achieve this, the four persons carrying out a long stay receive a grant to translate a work of Basque literature in a language other than Castilian who search for and edit the work.

The deadline for applications is May 16. More information here.

Today is goint to be open the register time to tests HABE of 2015th first call . If you want to demonstrate some level you have to register before of April 21th .

The registration will be on Internet, clicking on the students access of page.

You have more information on this page

They have already arrived the Easter holidays. Tomorrow, April 1, will be the last day of class.

Then we will take a few days to relax and back on April 13.

Have fun!

The intent of the "Donostian ere euskaraz" campaign is underway to promote the use of Basque among the citizens. The City is identifying the sites where citizens can use Basque.

As the campaign says, "every time you make the first word in Basque, you are giving an opportunity to talk in Basque".

They have made a call for Saturday: March 28th will "fill in Basque" The Constitución Square of Donostia, at 12: 00h. They want to encourage citizens to give the first word in Basque, with balloons in hand.

As every year, we organized a meal in a cider-house for teachers and students. This year the event will be on March 16th.

You have two options: go straight to lunch at 14: 00h to Zelaia Cider-house of Hernani or walking, leaving at 9:30 from the Arzak restaurant.

It is obligatory to to sign up in the office, and the last day will be March 13th (Friday).

Donostia 2016 is looking for 11 persons with 11 different native languages, for the project “Varietate In Concord”, for search connections between words of different languages, based on their pronunciation.

Today in San Sebastián a hundred languages are spoken; therefore, the project aims to build bridges between those languages in a playful and poetic way.

For example, "su" ("fire") in Basque, "chou" ("col") in French and "shoe" ("shoe") in English are pronounced very similarly, but they have an entirely different meaning .

The registration deadline is until March 10, through the web of Donostia 2016. The participants will create the collection of words. With them, will be created different graphics media that will be used during 2016 with informative and poetic purposes.

The main criterion for choosing candidates will be the diversity of native languages. Each participant will represent his native language.

More information here

Many of you did the "atariko proba" EGA last Saturday. Provisional notes will be published this Thursday, 26th February. You can consult your calification here.

Congratulation if you have approved! But continue preparing you, because the written test will be 7th March. If you have not approved, and if you want make a claim, you have time until 4th March (Zuzenean service)

The February 21 will take place the "atariko" EGA exam testing. The time and place of examination for each one has been awarded depending on the alphabetical order of surname. Here you can find the place and the corresponding time. In Gipuzkoa, the tests shall be from 08:45 in the Ignacio Maria Barriola campus building EHU-UPV.

Remember you need:  nº2 pencil, sharpener and identity card.

Good luck!

Beginning on February 19th , on Thursdays and for six weeks, it will be a new book club in the Koldo Mitxelena. The meetings will be from 10:30 to 11:30.

The book format will be "Easy Reading", because the club is designed for people who are learning Basque or people who doesn´t have the habit of reading in Basque. The main objective is to recover the fascination of reading in Basque.

In the first meeting the novel will be Santiago Bidearen misterioa; with the playful and pleasant dynamization of Onintze Goitiz.

To participate: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 943 46 71 81

There is an option to discuss and think about how emphasizing the use of the Basque language, to reflect on the situation and recovery of the Basque language, and to learn something about sociolinguistics. All this in sessions of sociolinguistics, organised by Bagera.

Sessions take place once a month, from 19:00. Anyone can participate, and at each session a specific topic. This month the topic is: “euskararen normalizazioa” dugu desio: zer adierazi nahi dugu?. Joxe Manuel Odriozola is the catalyst, and, occasionally, experts from the world of the Basque language are invited. They recommend to read this text before coming.

On the other hand, 11th February, a group of students is going to the Victoria Eugenia Theatre to enjoy with "Zazpi aldiz elur". We will wainting to the chronic ...

Kutxa Ekogunea and Azkue Foundation have organized the fourth edition of the "Euskararen Ginkana" with the objective of have fun with and in Basque. It is a good opportunity to play with the Basque and win the prize of 3000€!

The participation is on groups, any group that supports a project in favor of Euskara, with 4-6 participants (Euskalgintza, cultural, environmental…). Registration will end on 18th February: Fill the form on the web and make a video presentation.

The main theme this year is "ICT and Ecology", so testing will overcome the presence of Basque and ecology on digital world. The competition will consist of two phases: from 19th February to 26th March tests on the web; 18th April final in Donostia (the 4 groups with the most points)

For more information:

The City Council and the associations and federations of commerce have organized euskara courses for professionals, starting in February. The deadline for submission of applications finalize on January 30.

The purpose of these courses are: start in learning the language for offer the service to its customers in Basque; for those who know the language expand their knowledge composing simple documents (fax, notices, receipts, ...).

Deadline for submission : 30 January. On internet or in the Euskara Zerbitzua

More information here or by phone: 943 48 37 50

The program Mintzalaguna is offered by Bagera (Donostiako Euskaltzaleen Elkartea), and now is the second registration period.

Are you student and you want to get the habit, skills and ease of speaking in Basque? Do you want to help learners? The deadline for registration is January 31.

The requirements to participate are: Students must be at least in the 6.urratsa of euskaltegi; the helpers have to speak Basque easily.

For more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 943 46 71 81

Happy new year! After holidays, it is time to come back for work. In Legazpi 6 Euskaltegia classes will begin in January 7. Moreover, if you are thinking on exams, you have already something to do.

The calendar of the first announcement of 2015 for the EGA exam has already been published. According to that, the initial test will take place on February 21; the written test, on March ; and the oral test, by the end of May.

The deadline for registration to the examination will be open from 7 to January 21, both included.The registration must be via internet, here.

Go for work!

Today (16 December) they have published the results of the oral test of HABE. Congratulations to them that have approved! The others you have three days to file claims.

Leaving aside exams, Christmas has arrived! This is the last week in the euskaltegi, where classes are concerned. On 19 December it will be the last day, and we will take Christmas holidays.

We will return to classes on January 7. Therefore, we wish you happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

Enjoy on holidays, and we will see you next year!

The results of the oral test EGA have been published this week (December 10th ). Check your notes here, and if you aren´t agree you have the period for claims until December 16th . The final results will be published on December 23th)

On the other hand, is available the list of the 2013-2014 finalcial aid corresponding to the summer courses, internships and self-study courses.

Finally, Bagera has organized a trip for the weekend: Tolosa and Andoain will be joined in a march of about 5-6 hours. Here is the information.

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