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Basque, a way of looking at the world and living in it.

Languages are open windows onto the world, each one offering a unique vision and way of being in it. This is what Basque is, a particular way of looking at the world and taking part in it. It is true that our language has a mysterious feeling of antiquity and individuality, but, today more than ever, it is open to new, exciting challenges. It is also open to you, just like our doors, it you want us to accompany you in the adventure of living in Basque.




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Do you want to continue learning Basque in summer? In Legazpi6 we offer different options.

As every year, we have intensive courses, 2-5 hours per day, Monday through Friday (July, August and September) But, this year, we have something new: Legazpi 6 atelierrak. We have organized various activities for each day of the week:

Monday: Speaking
Tuesday: answer questions
Wednesday: guided tours
Thursday: reading books

Everyone has the option to create "your own package": only Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Tuesday ...

Come to the office and ask for information!

HABE writing tests

On thursday, june 11th , will be published the results of the HABE writting test. As always, you can consult it in the access of students from the HABE website.

If you have pass, these are the days for oral tests:

1.eta 2. mailak: 18, 19 and 20 of June

3. maila: 26 and 27 of June

4. maila: 27 of June

Good luck!

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